Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yakitori - Video Recipe

On the weekend, there was a small festival at our residence (condo) and my darling (chef TJ) was assigned to cook Yakitori. Thanks to my darling, I did nothing but could shoot this video! I hope you like it!!!

This video will show you how to grill Yakitori (skewered chicken) with gas Yakitori grill! Of course you can use your BBQ grill!

how to make Yakitori

It was very interesting to know how to become a Yakitori vendor! hehe

In the very beginning of the video, I will show you what other food stalls were there at the festival! So, please watch carefully ;D



Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 10min
Number of servings: as many as you want

Necessary Equiptment:
bamboo skewers
yakitori stove

boneless chicken thigh (or any meat of your choice)
yakitori sauce or salt

1. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces (remove the skin if you prefer).
2. Thread chicken onto skewers (with long onion if you prefer).
3. Tare (Sauce): Begin grilling the chicken on both sides without the sauce. When the meat is done, dip into the sauce and grill lightly. However, sometimes it gets too smoky if you grill with the sauce, so we didn't grill it with the sauce but dip it into the sauce to finish. Ebara's Yakitori sauce works amazingly delicious in that way!
4. Shio (Salt): Sprinkle some salt on the chicken and grill the chicken on both sides until done.

We used Ebara Yakitori Sauce (エバラ やきとりのたれ) - for professional use
The household use looks like THIS :D


We have just moved in, so glad to find people are very united here!

BTW, my darling is wearing "YouTube GEO CREATOR DAY" T-shirt. hehe

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