Friday, December 9, 2011

Takoyaki??? - Video Recipe

Takoyaki dessert using Mini Yukimi Daifuku (Mochi ice cream).
Perfect for parties and April fool's day as well ;)

Yukimi Daifuku is Mochi ice cream manufactured by LOTTE. It is a very popular ice cream product sold over 30 years since 1981. I'm sure you can find it at Japanese grocery stores overseas! I remember I saw it at Mitsuwa in NJ! You can make it from scratch at home.

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese dumpling. Watch this video to learn what it is.


Difficulty: very easy
Time: 3min
Number of servings: 9 pieces

9 Mini Yukimi Daifuku
cocoa powder
Matcha green tea powder
goji berries (wolf berries)

1. Thinly slice goji berries to look like Beni Shoga (red pickled ginger).
2. Using a tea strainer (or any fine mesh strainer), lightly sprinkle cocoa powder to look like Takoyaki sauce, and Matcha green tea powder to look like Aonori (green laver).
3. Top with sliced goji berries and eat with a pick!


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  1. OMG Ochi!!! I love these ice cream balls!! Hee hee yes my family calls these ice cream balls and I've eaten them ever since I was little! They are easily available here but sort of pricey, for the large double set is almost 5$ =( and for the mini one with 9 pieces is 10$ Maybe Im just cheap? How much is it in Tokyo? lol Thanks for sharing this recipe, it's so adorable and super delicious too probably! I want some ice cream balls now! (even though I haven't ate breakfast yet hahaha)

  2. Ochi,

    I superb duperb love your furry hat.Is it hat?Anyway,I think you looked cute in it.And I love ice cream too.I also love to eat ice cream during raining day.Cool + cool..

    Belated birthday! How you celebrate your day?


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