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DECO CHOCO Photo Frame for Valentine's Day! XOXO - Video Recipe

DECO CHOCO is the chocolate (usually the chocolate bar) decorated with sprinkles and cute sweets. Something like this one.

There was a DECO CHOCO contest (by Meiji: one of Japan's leading confectioneries) few years ago. I came up with an idea making a 3D photo frame and I won a silver prize! At that time, I could only use Meiji's product but this time I used sweets from many other manufacturers.

I will list all the product details below but you can use any kind of chocolate bars and sweets to attach.

You can cover with a plastic wrap and save it. It lasts for more than a year in a cool place BUT it is not safe to eat after 3 days. LoL

It will be a great Valentine's Day gift for your loved one :)

DECO CHOCO Photo Frame for Valentine's Day

Difficulty: easy
Time: 1 hour
Number of servings: 1 photo frame

((Photo Frame))
3 Meiji Milk Chocolate Bar (明治 ミルクチョコレート) *of course you can use any other brands!

any sprinkles of your choice
chocolate pen (明治 チョコペン/スイートペン)
Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolate (明治 アポロ)
Meiji Vanilla Cookies (明治 バニラサブレ)
Meiji Marble Chocolate(明治 マーブルチョコレート)
Meiji Fran Meltykiss Green Tea Chocolate Cookie Stick Pocky (明治 フラン メルティーキッス仕立て とろける抹茶)
Meiji Kinoko No Yama Strawberry and Cream (明治 大粒きのこの山 たっぷり苺の練乳仕立て)
Meiji Galbo Mini (明治 ガルボ ミニ)
Fukui Ichigo Chocobo (いちごチョコ棒)
HAITAI PACIFIC Stone Chocolate (ヘテパシフィック ストーンチョコ)
Tirol-Choco Bihada Tirol (チロルチョコ 美肌チロル)
Fujiya Peko Poko Chocolate (不二家 ペコポコチョコレート)
Bourbon EVERY BURGER (ブルボン エブリバーガー)
Lotte CRUNKY Positive Joy Caffe Latte (ロッテ クランキーポップジョイ 香るカフェラテ)
Lotte CRUNKY Ball Nude (ロッテ クランキーボール ヌード)
Takaoka Flat Heart (Takaoka フラットハート)
Glico Collon (グリコ コロン 濃厚ダブルベリー)

Build the photo frame with 3 chocolate bars and attach the sweets of your choice.

Please see the video. It is much easier to follow :) hehe

Meiji's Yam Yam, Choco Baby, Poifull, Petitie 5-1 Choco, Takenoko No Sato… etc., colorful candies, gummy candies, are also cute. BUT don't use cotton candy. I tried and it looked pretty bad like mxxx…

I bought them all in packages but it is wise to go to Sweet Factory or any other sweets shops where they sell by measurement and get just one or two each. More colors and shapes you use, cuter it become!


I bought some of them at DAISO (dollar shop). They have weird imported sweets like stone chocolate and flat heart. Oh, btw, I was looking for Meiji Twinkle Chocolate (明治 ツインクル) but I couldn't find it. It should be cute to add on your photo frame, if you know ;) hehe

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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