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Ginjo Sake Nama Choco (Fresh Chocolate) for Valentine's Day - Video Recipe

Fresh chocolate is made with chocolate and fresh cream. It is so simple that it is the most popular handmade chocolate in Japan. Mostly, it is flavored with rum but in my recipe I used Sake! hehe I hope you like this idea but of course you can skip sake ;P

5th Avenue Chocolatiere's square Cocoa Covered Truffles and ROYCE' Chocolate are similar to this recipe, if you know.

The chocolate melts in your mouth and is amazingly addictive. I think you all like it!!!

BTW, you can substitute the origami with gift wrap and fold the box.

Ginjo Sake Nama Choco (Fresh Chocolate) for Valentine's Day

Difficulty: easy
Time: 1 hour
Number of servings: 4 origami boxes (use 6"x 6" origami)

100g(3.5oz.) chocolate
3 tbsp. heavy cream (fresh cream)
1 tsp. unsalted butter *optional
1 tsp. Junmai Ginjo Sake (or of course rum) *optional
cocoa powder

1. Melt the chocolate and heavy cream in a double boiler over hot water (60C/140F).
2. Remove from the hot water, using a whisk or spatula, mix until creamy.
3. If you like, add butter and sake (any liqueur) and mix lightly.
4. Line the truffle box (or origami box) with a plastic wrap and fill the chocolate mixture. Smooth the surface and put in a fridge until firm (about an hour or two).
5. When the chocolate got firm, cut into small square pieces, dust with cocoa powder, and put them back in a box lined with a bento cup (or a muffin cup is okay).

Ginjo Sake means premium sake. Ginjo is the grade. Junmai Ginjo is the highest grade! Don't use sake for cooking. It is non premium sake with some salt added.

Please see the video for the origami box instructions.


Perfect for giri choco ;) hehe

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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