Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Make Cookie & Chocolate Decoration House - Video Recipe

This video will show you how to make a house using cookies and chocolates. Perfect idea for winter holiday season :)

The recipe is from Morinaga website and I will translate it in English. If you cannot get the exact products, you can substitute them with any kind of cookies or chocolates that have similar shapes.

If you live in Japan, you can get all the snacks in one box here :D
I bought from this site because I didn't want to shop around the stores.

How to Make Cookie & Chocolate House (Morinaga Biscuit Recipe)

Difficulty: Patience
Time: 2hrs
Number of servings: 1 house

28 (2 boxes) CHOICE Biscuit
36 (3 boxes) DARS Milk Chocolate
60 (5 boxes) DARS White Chocolate
16 packs (2 boxes) KOEDA Milk Chocolate
1 box Peanut Chocolate Balls
1 box Strawberry Chocolate Balls
12 (1 box) MARIE Biscuit
1 KOEDA bar
3 (1 box) MOONLIGHT Biscuit

Please build a house on a plate or a tray so that you can carry back and forth the freezer. Make sure your plate or tray will fit in your freezer. You can put in the fridge, but the freezer sets a little quicker!
Put in the freezer for about 5 minutes between each process to make it easier to work.
40 DARS White Chocolate & 9 DARS Milk Chocolate will be used for glueing. Use DARS White Chocolate to glue the parts. (Milk Chocolate will look messy.)
Place each chocolate in pastry bags, melt them in hot water, and make a tiny cut on the tip.

((Foundation: 20min))
Place 4 CHOICE Biscuit on a plate. Pile 6 MARIE Biscuit on top of them. Repeat the steps to make the foundation. (Use DARS Milk Chocolate to attach the inner foundation.) Then attach 8 CHOICE Biscuit for the walls. (Use DARS White Chocolate to attach them.)
Freeze for about 10min to set.
((Parts: 6min))
Chimney: Cut KOEDA bar in half and attach them together to make a cylinder.
Door: Attach 1 Peanut Chocolate Ball on 1 MOONLIGHT Biscuit.
Windows: Draw windows on 2 DARS White Chocolate with DARS Milk Chocolate.
Freeze to set.
((Roof: 30min))
Make 2 pyramids of DARS Chocolate.
Gently attach 8 CHOICE Biscuit to make the roof.
Freeze to set.
((Finish: 50min))
Attach KOEDA Milk Chocolate on the roof.
Attach the door and the windows.
Freeze for about 5min to set.
Attach Peanut & Strawberry Chocolate Balls, decorate the roof, and attach the chimney with some snow.
Coat 2 MOONLIGHT Biscuit with DARS White Chocolate and attach them together. Then draw the face and some buttons.


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