Monday, April 1, 2013

NEW iSi Twist'n Sparkle Beverage Carbonation System (How to Make Soda) - Video Recipe

Insert charger, twist and sparkle!!!

In this video, I sparkled:
- Water 水
- POM Juice (100% Orange Juice) ポンジュース
- Triple Berry Vegetable Juice カゴメ 野菜生活100Refresh! トリプルベリー&コンコードグレープ
- Plum Wine 梅酒

As for the juices, I think 300ml is enough. When I sparkled 750ml... it exploded! and the same for 350ml...

Twist 'n Sparkle BLOOPER video is here

((Fizz up any beverage!))
Sparkling Drinks & Water
Fizzy Fresh Cocktails
Exciting Desserts

((Instant sparkling fun & taste!))
Directly carbonates your beverage of choice.
Keeps your drink sparkling for several days in the fridge.
Eliminates the need to purchase bottled soda water.
Won’t take up valuable countertop space.
Easy to use and clean.

1. Fill the bottle with pre-chilled beverage ingredients (no fruit pulp).
2. For water, fill to the upper fill mark (950 ml marked as “pure water”.
3. For juices or beverage creations, fill to the lower fill mark (720 ml, marked as “other drinks”) or BELOW!
4. Open the sparkling wand all the way, insert the iSi Twist ’n Sparkle beverage charger and close the sparkling wand.
5. Place the filled sparkling bottle on a stable surface. Screw the sparkling wand into the sparkling bottle until the gas is seen flowing into the bottle. Wait about ONE MINUTE until you no longer hear the hissing.
6. When the venting has ended, slowly unscrew the sparkling wand and remove it from the bottle.
7. Enjoy your fizzy beverage!

Cold is key!!! Pre-chill liquids for maximum fizz.


I guess any Beverage Carbonation System has the RISK of explosion, so pls take care! And, so do I!!!

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