Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Make EASY Mackerel Rice - Video Recipe

Super quick and healthy recipe using unflavored canned boiled mackerel!


Ginger removes the fishy taste and flavor, and makes easy to eat, even for those who don't like mackerel! Also, ginger is great for warming the body up on a cold day.

EASY Mackerel Rice

Difficulty: Super Easy
Time: 1hr
Number of servings: 4

2 cups uncooked pre-washed Japanese rice
1 small piece sliced ginger
190g (6.7oz.) unflavored canned boiled mackerel
* 1 tbsp. soy sauce
* 1 tbsp. Sake
chopped Mitsuba (Japanese wild parsley) if you like

1. Wash rice if needed. If you are using pre-washed rice (Musenmai) you don't have to wash it.
2. Place the rice in a pot, add A, add the liquid from the canned mackerel, then add water to the appropriate level indicated in the pot, and mix well.
3. Add the mackerel and sliced ginger on top.
4. Place the pot into the rice cooker. Cover and press the button to start.
5. When it's done, toss the rice lightly using a rice paddle, serve in a dish, top with chopped Mitsuba if you like.


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