Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Okuizome (100th Day Baby Celebration) お食い初め

Okuizome (the first meal) is one of the traditional celebration events for Japanese babies. It is a tradition that babies are made to pretend to eat their first meal on the 100th day to wish they will have enough food throughout their lives.

March 8th was my daughter's 100th day after birth :)


Ozen (a set of small dishes) is served on this day:

鯛の塩焼き Tai: salt-grilled red sea bream
赤飯 Sekihan: red bean rice
はまぐりのお吸い物 common orient clam clear soup
煮物 simmered dish
香の物 pickled vegetables
紅白もち mochi in red and white (the lucky color combination)
歯固め石/梅干し stone/pickled plum (to ensure the growth of healthy strong teeth, also the head)

My mom bought the dishes for my daughter.
She bought them at 河善陶器 (Kawazentouki) at 錦市場 (Nishiki Market) in Kyoto.

--- after 2 years ---

On 2/25/2017, we did our son's Okuizome. 97 days after birth :) Time flies!!!


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