Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DAISO Rice Roll Shaker - Video Recipe

This rice roll shaker can help you make a perfect roll in a minute! Perfect for those who are not good at making Sushi rolls ;)

True review, first time using it ;)


This rice roll shaker is a very popular item sold at DAISO (100yen shop in Japan). It can get sold out quite soon, so if you happened to find it, just get it!

What You Need:
cooked white rice
1/2 or 1/4 Nori seaweed sheet

How to Use:
1. Fill the rice up to half the height of the guideline.
2. Place the filling in the middle.
3. Fill the rice up to the height of the guideline and close the lid.
4. Shake up and down for 20-30 times.
5. Insert a Nori sheet.
6. Shake up and down to wrap the rice with Nori sheet.
7. Cut to serve if you like.


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