Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Easy-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs in 10 minutes! - Video Recipe

Here's the technique I saw on TV how to get hard-boiled eggs that peel beautifully!


Easy-to-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs in 10 minutes

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 10min
Number of servings: N/A

NOTE: Use cold eggs right out of the fridge!

1. Bring a pot of water to a boil, then place a metal strainer in it
(to prevent eggs from hitting the bottom of the pot).
2. Tap each egg with a spoon to make cracks in the bottom of the shell. OR you can poke a small hole using an "Egg Hole Puncher". (The water goes in between the egg and the shell which helps the shell to come off).
3. Place the eggs in the strainer (boiling water), the crack-side up (to let the water in).
4. Cook for 10 minutes. Place them in ice water for about 30 sec. (The sudden change in temperature causes the egg to shrink slightly inside the shell.)
5. Now the eggs are easy to peel :)

You can get an "Egg Hole Puncher" at Daiso 100yen shop to poke a hole in the egg.


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