Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to Make Japanese Breakfast (Recipe Ideas) - Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

In this video, I will show you how to prepare Japanese breakfast and what kind of dishes you can keep in stock in the fridge.

I will show you the EASIEST examples so that you can make it every day.

Japanese Breakfast
Japanese Breakfast Table Setting

A typical Japanese breakfast consists of white rice (主食 Shushoku: staple food in Japan), soup (汁物 Shirumono: usually the Miso soup), 1 main dish (主菜 Shusai: usually Yakizakana the grilled fish), 1 or 2 side dishes (副菜 Fukusai: usually vegetable dishes) and pickled vegetables if you like.


((主食 Shushoku: White Rice))
How to Cook Rice in a Pot
How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

((汁物 Shirumono: Soup))
Soup Recipe Ideas スープ レシピ

((主菜 Shusai: Main Dish))
((副菜 Fukusai: Side Dish))
There is no rule to say this is Main or Side. Usually the main dish contains meat or fish, side dish contains vegetables, but if you serve in a small portion, it will become a side dish. So I have the main and the side dishes in the same playlist.

FYI: When you keep some side dishes in stock in the fridge, we call those 常備菜 (Jyoubisai).


How you can serve the breakfast examples:

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

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