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How to Make Noriben (Nori Bento Lunch Box Recipe) - Video Recipe

Noriben (海苔弁) is the simplest type of bento, containing only soy sauce, Nori seaweed, and rice.

You can find this bento almost anywhere in japan, and it is usually the least expensive bento.

Side dishes differ from store to store, but the most popular ones are fish fries and chikuwa tempura.

If you know Hotto Motto (famous takeaway bento shop in Japan), their Noriben is pretty typical in Japan.

How to Make Noriben (Nori Bento Lunch Box)

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 45min
Number of servings: N/A

((Kinpira Gobo))
200g (7oz.) Gobo (burdock root)
100g (3.5oz.) carrot
2 tbsp. Mirin (sweet sake)
1 tsp. sugar
2 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. sesame oil
1/2 tbsp. sesame seeds
((Fish Fries))
white fish (I used swordfish)
salt and cracked black pepper
* flour
* 1 beaten egg
* Panko (bread crumbs)
B Tartar Sauce
* 4 tbsp. mayonnaise
* 2 tbsp. chopped onion
* 1 chopped hard-boiled egg
* 1 tbsp. chopped dill pickle
* 1 tsp. lemon juice
* salt and pepper
vegetable oil for frying
Okonomiyaki sauce (or Tonkatsu sauce)
((Chikuwa Tempura - Deep Fried Fishcake Tempura))
4 large Chikuwa (fish cake)
* leftover beaten egg (about 1/2 egg) from the fish fries
* 75ml water
* 5 tbsp. flour
* 2 tbsp. Aonori (green laver)
vegetable oil for frying
((Nori Rice))
cooked rice
Nori seaweed sheet
*1 packet (5g) Katsuobushi (bonito flakes)
*1 tsp. Dashi soy sauce (or soy sauce)
Takuan (Daikon radish pickles)
Baran (plastic leaf in sushi) if you have

((Kinpira Gobo))
1. Use the back of the knife, lightly shave the gobo skin (do not peel because you will peel of the nutritious part between the skin and gobo). First, thinly slice the gobo diagonally. Then stack a few together and cut into thin strips. Soak the gobo strips in water while cutting, then drain well, lightly rinse, and dry off with paper towels.
2. Thinly slice the carrot in the same way.
3. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan and stir-fry gobo and carrot for a couple of minutes until tender.
4. Blend Mirin and sugar to give a sweetness, then season with soy sauce and stir-fry until the liquid is gone.
5. Turn off the heat. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
((Fish Fries))
1. Remove all the bones from the fish. Season with salt and cracked black pepper.
2. Coat each with flour, dip in beaten egg, and coat with Panko.
3. Fry them in oil at 170C (340F) for 4-5 minutes until cooked golden brown. (Turn them over to cook evenly.) Remove the fish fries from the oil and drain.
4. Mix B to make tartar sauce.
5. Serve the fish fries with tartar sauce and Okonomiyaki sauce (or Tonkatsu sauce).
((Chikuwa Tempura - Deep Fried Fishcake Tempura))
1. Mix A in a bowl. Cut Chikuwa in halves if they are too large.
2. Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan to 170C (340F). Lightly dip the Chikuwa in the batter and fry them immediately until golden and crisp.
3. Drain them on a rack or a sheet of clean paper towel.
*make Okonomiyaki or Tenkasu using the leftover batter
((Nori Rice))
1. Mix A very well.
2. Put rice in a bento box. Put the Katsuobushi mixture on top. Then tear up Nori sheet into small pieces, and put them on top.
Place side dishes on top of the Nori Rice. Serve the fish fries with tartar sauce and Okonomiyaki sauce (or Tonkatsu sauce). Okonomiyaki sauce goes great with Chikuwa Tempura as well!


How to Make ONE PIECE Bento Lunch Box (Nori ART Recipe)
ワンピース キャラ弁 海苔アート

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