Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Make Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Oekaki Gummy Land Kit - Video Recipe

FYI, mine was 168yen (about US$1.7) in Japan.

Popin’ Cookin’ is a series of Japanese intellectual training DIY candy kits by Kracie that stretches kids' curiosity :)
Although living in a world of convenience, children can enjoy making their own treats and make full use of their imagination!

Oekaki Gummy Land allows you to mix colors and make your own gummy.

There are soda, grape, and lemon flavors.
By mixing these flavors you can make different flavors:
soda + grape = grape soda
grape + lemon = orange
lemon + soda = lemon soda

Every kit comes with different “gummy cutter” shapes.
There are 6 kinds, some can be used in combination.
You can keep them as cookie cutters after use.

NO artificial colors or preservatives.

High in calcium.

Oekaki Gummy Land

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 20min
Calories per kit: 104Kcal

1. Remove the gummy cutters & a fork.
2. Pour in the whole packet of gummy powder into the largest section of the pallet. Smooth the surface with the fork.
3. Using the dropper, put water in small rectangular & oval sections. Then put yellow, red, blue powder in 3 rectangular sections and gently mix with the fork until dissolved. Wash the fork in the oval section each time you mix.
4. Mix the colors in the 8 circular sections using the dropper. Wash the dropper in the oval section each time you use a different color.
5. Push the cutters into the gummy powder (make sure they are in the powder). Using the dropper, drip in the colors you like. Wash the dropper in the oval section each time you use a different color. Wait for a few seconds (or for a minute if the shape is small). Gently remove from the cutters.
6. Smooth the surface with the fork and repeat the steps to make the rest of the gummies.

Sprinkle with some gummy powder if the gummy is soggy.
You can also make the gummy without using the cutters.

- Please read the directions carefully.
- Do NOT microwave.
- Do NOT eat the powder.
- Make sure kids won't swallow the kit.
- Do NOT eat a huge gummy at a time but cut into small pieces and chew well before you swallow.
- Must eat immediately.
- Parents must help kids if they can't make it.
- You cannot use hard water.


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