Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quick Tip: How to Store / Reuse / Dispose of Deep Frying Oil - Video Recipe

In this video, I will show you how I Store / Reuse / Dispose the deep frying oil.

These are the frequently asked questions!

Q: What kind of oil do you use for deep frying?
A: I use vegetable oil.

Q: How much oil do I need to put in a deep fryer?
A: About 3.5cm (1.5inch) of oil in a deep fryer.

Q: How can I store my deep frying oil?
A: Try to clean the oil while it is hot to avoid overcooking crumbs in the oil. Then transfer it to a clean oil pot with a strainer. Keep it in a cold dark place (or maybe in the fridge if the room temperature is too high but in Japan room temperature is okay).
When you reuse the oil, replenish so that you have enough oil.

Q: How many times can I reuse my deep frying oil?
A: 3-4 times or more depending on what you deep fry, until it gets bad.
When the oil gets bad, the color gets darker, makes bubbles, smokes, gets slimy, and/or smells bad.
Try to cook fish, meat, or any seasoned items lastly.

Q: How to properly dispose of deep fryer oil?
A: It differs from community to community, so please check with your community.
In my community, we throw out the oil as combustible garbage.
We can pour the oil into a drink carton or a flammable plastic bag, stuffed with some newspapers and/or cloths that can absorb the oil. Make sure it won't spill, and throw with combustible garbage.

Q: Where can I get a Deep Fryer with thermometer?
A: Maybe online? (or it is usually available at any Japanese supermarket that carries kitchen tools)

FYI: Garbage Collection Rules


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