Wednesday, February 21, 2018

3 Ingredients Matcha Nama Choco (Green Tea Fudge-like Chocolate) - Video Recipe

Matcha Nama Choco is Green Tea Fudge-like Chocolate, made with chocolate and whipping cream (fresh cream), that melts in your mouth. Very addictive 😋

Homemade one is flavorful 🍵✨

I used this Matcha (Aiya's Sawa 茶和):

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Matcha Nama Choco

Difficulty: easy
Time: 10min + over 1hr cooling time
Number of servings: 8cm (3inch) square box

80g(2.8oz.) chopped white chocolate
2.5 tbsp. whipping cream
2 tsp. Matcha green tea powder
2 tsp. Matcha green tea powder for coating

1. Put whipping cream in a small sauce pan. Heat until hot before it starts to boil.
2. Sift in Matcha powder and mix well with a spatula. *do not use a whisk or the matcha crumbles
3. Add chopped white chocolate, leave until they start to melt, then quickly mix well. *do not overmix or the chocolate starts to seize (split).
4. Line the box with a parchment paper (or plastic wrap) and pour in the chocolate mixture. Smooth out the surface and put in the fridge until firm (over 1 hour).
5. Cut into small square pieces, and dust with Matcha powder.


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